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40 fonts series
540 TTF
17,6 Mb

01. Adobe-Garamond
02. Avenir
03. Bank-Gothic
04. Boycott
05. Carpenter
06. Cezanne-Regular
07. Chato-Band
08. Engravers-Gothic
09. Eurostile
10. Frutiger
11. Futura
12. Gill-Sans
13. Grilled-Cheese-Btn
14. Helvetica
15. Interstate
16. Itc-Avant-Garde-Gothic
17. Itc-Franklin-Gothic
18. Lamar-Pen
19. Lassigue-Dmato
20. Machia
21. Mrs-Eaves
22. Myriad
23. Nat-Vignette
24. Neue-Helvetica
25. Optima
26. P22-Corinthia
27. P22-Zaner.Jpg
28. Passions-Conflict
29. Satisfaction
30. Shelley-Script
31. Sloop
32. Swan-Song
33. Swiss-721
34. The-Nauti-Gal
35. Trade-Gothic
36. Trajan
37. Univers
38. Water-Brush
39. Yevida
40. Zapfino

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20 Tools For Working With Fonts

It seems you can never have enough fonts at your disposal. We’ve gathered together 20 tools for finding and working with them. But remember: the more fonts installed on your system, the slower font-dependent programs will load.

9800 Free Fonts - Just as the name says, 9800 free fonts for your use.
AcidFonts.com - A collection of free fonts with a focus on those with a more modern look.
AbstractFonts.com - Over 11,200 free fonts for you to choose from.
BestFreeFonts.com - Numerous free fonts that suit many occasions and projects.
BetterFonts.com - Over 10,000 fonts available for you to browse and download.
Dafont.com - Over 7500 fonts for you to browse and choose. Numerous free selections.
Fonts101.com - Over 50,000 free fonts for your use. Even sign up for a daily font email.
Guide to Web 2.0 Fonts - A guide to some of the most popular Web 2.0 fonts currently in use. A great inspirational guide.
Identifont.com - A tool for identifying fonts by name, appearance, similarity and more.
MiniFonts.com - A collection of over 200 fonts specifically for the web, grouped into families.
MyFonts.com - Over 55,000 fonts for sale, but includes a free-to-use font identifier that you can upload a file to or point it to a web page.
Neatfonts.com - Hundreds of free fonts with numerous previews.
PenguinFonts.com - Over 2,000 free fonts sorted by tags and with licenses clearly displayed.
SearchFreeFonts.com - Search over 13,000 free fonts, also has a ratings system for the fonts to see what others like.
ShowFont.net - Approximately 10,000 free fonts, sorted alphabetically with examples of each.
Simply The Best Free Fonts - Site with an alphabetical listing of fonts and with each having a full preview page.
STC fontBROWSER - A handy web tool for looking at samples of all the fonts you have installed on your system. See examples of different sizes at the same time.
TypeNavigator - A tool to help you learn what font was used by giving you graphics to click and find it by memory.
Typetester - Allows you to compare the look of up to three styles of popular fonts next to each other at once.
UrbanFonts.com - Hundreds of free fonts for any kind of project.


BitFontCreator Pro v2.1

BitFontCreator is a professional bitmap font maker tool. Fonts created with BitFontCreator can be used on Windows, mobile operating systems such as Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Palm OS, Symbian OS and other electronic devices.
Size: 1.5MB

Key Features:
* Import fonts: Support all kinds of fonts installed on your Windows PC (TrueType, OpenType, Adobe Type 1 and Raster fonts)
* Export fonts: Export Windows font resource (*.fnt) and Windows bitmap font (*.fon)
* Export C file: The C file includes jump tables and bitmap data of all characters
* Export Binary file: The binary file includes the bitmap data of all characters in binary format.
* Support all kinds of bitmap data formats
* Support ASCII and Unicode encoding
* Support 4/8/16/32-bits data length
* Edit Tools: Pencil, eraser, line, rectangle, and marquee selection


Alexey Brodovich

Alexey Brodovich(1898-1971) was a Russian emigrant photographer and designer who worked in Paris, then America, at the beginning of the twentieth century. He went on to become the art editor for Harper's Bazaar. He is considered to be one of the most influential 20th century designers in the field of graphic design.

Further reading

Little part of "History of Visual Communication"

Renaisance book bindings

The Renaisance illuminated books:



Baroque flourishes

Master of typography

Tauba Auerbach’s work deals with the shortcomings and possibilities of language. Her work approaches language as a technology, a system of symbols by which the internal complexities of a person’s mind, body and general self are converted into an external, transmittable form.

Implied in her work is the notion that this conversion process is inexact. Her focus on language is a focus on the space between individuals, the gap they attempt to cross to meet one another intellectually and emotionally, and the nature of the tools they use to do so. Her analysis includes a substantive examination of words, and a deep formal meditation on individual letters. “I feel as though I know each letter intimately—its shortcomings and its tendencies. I feel close to them.” Overall, her work attempts to present a more complicated and flexible version of reality than language customarily allows.

In her first ever solo show, Auerbach’s musings on language and letters will take the form of large-scale, ink on paper drawings, as well as a chandelier and wall painting in the gallery’s smaller project space. Twenty-three year old Auerbach lives in San Francisco and works as a sign painter. While she is a native to the Bay Area, her work represents a break from the Mission School with its sparse precision and a clean, Zen-like quality that sets her apart from the rest.

2 Freefonts

Scriptina (Handwriting, PC, Mac)